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Featuresthe batchly advantage

app store

The app store enables you to use apps that are already running on your AWS account without any coding or re-engineering. Just plug and run.

Rest API

Easily integrate Batchly within your complex enterprise workflows using Batchly's comprehensive REST APIs and Webhooks.


Batchly runs within your AWS account and uses restricted IAM role access to manage your AWS infrastructure. You don't have to share your AWS Access and Secret keys.

Dynamic instance smart sizing

Batchly's advanced algorithm dynamically and continuously makes the best instance choices optimized for performance, availability and cost without intervention.

Smart notifications

Batchly keeps you updated on the workloads you are running on your AWS accounts and sends you emails/webhook notifications to take immediate action.


  • Brandon Woodward

    Head of product, Indieflix

    While comparing the costs, Batchly was 80% lower than AWS on-demand costs

  • Chandra Gupta

    CTO, Reliance NLAM

    Batchly is a great choice for companies considering to take advantage of the cloud while not having to deal with the overhead to handle the complexities


AWS Advance Technology Partner

Strategic Partner

case studies

Get insight into how we are saving upto 80% on AWS costs

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video transcoding

How IndieFlix uses Batchly to transcode their VOD library 10x cheaper than other cloud transcoders.

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pdf generation

Batchly helps FinTech company to move to cloud with minimal effort.

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